Al Harnisch


This is a portfolio of websites I've made, but I do a lot more too. Check out my LinkedIn profile to contact me and learn more. is my latest project. It takes a fresh approach to chords and lyrics on the Internet with a minimalist design and a useful, intuitive interface. I conceptualized, designed, and built it myself after struggling to find accurate chord and lyric transcriptions on the Internet. Taking a line from Zuckerberg's book, I like to think it is 1% complete. I focus a LOT on the user experience because I am the #1 user of the site as well. I built the site on PHP Code Igniter and also used the Twitter Bootstrap Framework for the front-end code.

Rage Enterprises

Rage Enterprises is an up-and-coming lifestyle brand that has been gaining a reputation up and down the east coast. They consulted me to bring their brand online so I made this fully functional, E-Commerce platform that accepts payments, creates accounts for users, syncs with your bank and popular applications like QuickBooks, and has a fully functional blog. It is built on the Wordpress framework.

Ceek Joi

This media gallery serves as a memoir for a close friend of mine who passed away in 2011. I wanted to make sure that the site did a good job at showing his outgoing personality and amazing artistic abilities at the same time. It is built on the Wordpress framework.

AOP Manufacturing

AOP Manufacturing is a large metal manufacturing company based in Florida. They wanted a new site that was simple but converted well and ranked high on Google. They also wanted to be able to edit the site themselves once I handed the finished product over to them. This site was built strategically to give them all of that and more. It is built on the Wordpress framework.

Bruce Buffer, the Turntable Robot!

Bruce Buffer is a "bot" that I created for the glorious, a site where a virtual room of users can listen to the same song, as selected by the room's alternating DJ. Bruce makes the room more efficient by managing the DJ queue, remembering popular songs, and he even spins a few records himself. If you want to check him out you will have to register with, but it is easy to register and fun to listen to music with friends! Bruce's room is called "The Easy Grotto." I wrote Bruce Buffer using JavaScript and Node.js and host him on the great node hosting site